Recently I had worked on a project named CHALLENG.

Challeng is the viral fundraising platform that's rewriting the rules of charity.

Project is based on targeting celebrities/famous person who will be challenged to do something. Viewers can pledge on the challeng to inspire the challengee to do the challenged task. If challengee accepts the challenge then pledge will be donated to a charity organization, otherwise all the pledges will be refunded to the pledgers.


User can post challeng ideas to the system. Viewers can like the ideas and post comment on them.

There will be some new features like, user profiles, donation on user challenges etc...

This is an outsourced project, company is based on USA. I had two co-workers, A designer named Sarah, and a developer named Vivek.

Project has been developed using below technologies,

  • Flask
  • Flask-Admin
  • PostgreSql
  • Stripe
  • AmazonS3
  • Heroku
  • Bootstrap
  • ReactJS